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Zodiac Aromatherapy Gift Candle

★ Product item:Zodiac Aromatherapy Gift Candle

★ Material:Soy Wax, Paraffin Wax

★ Size: 3.15in(D)*4.13in(H).

★ Color:black

★ Item Package:1pcs/box

★ Burning time:about 30 hours

★ Weight:about 70g~420g

★ Scents options:Rose, Lavender, Blue bells, British pear & freesia, Blue lotus, Sea salt, Blue ocean, Sakura, vanilla, Lemon.

★ Use:Weddings, Home Decoration, Holiday, Bars, Yoga and Meditation

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Product Description

Zodiac Aromatherapy Gift Candle

Soy wax creates a romantic atmosphere with a pleasant aroma. Compared with ordinary candles, soy candles burn slower and can release the essential oils that modulate the fragrance more gently. 

Zodiac Aromatherapy Gift Candle

Soy wax not only helps to eliminate air pollution and purify the air, but also increases the negative ions in the air, creating a similar indoor environment. The effect of potted plants, thereby improving air quality.

Zodiac Aromatherapy Gift Candle

Light a scented candle at home and let the wax wick sway freely and slightly. The frequency of this swaying can bring comfort to the brain, that is, it gives people a feeling of peace of mind. When people feel at ease, they are easy to produce a sense of happiness. .




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