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Market development prospects of scented candles

In the traditional sense, the reasons for using candles come from reasons such as religion, culture, and life needs. The global demand for candle products has been stable for a long time and has a certain growth trend. But in the 21st century, the market for candles is quietly changing! Xiao Bian also based on years of experience in the wax art industry to talk about the prospects of the wholesale market for scented candles.
As mentioned above, candles are traditionally used for religious, cultural and life needs. In the moment, the candles purchased at the retail end are removed from the traditional use. Modern candles are more oriented towards the direction of scented candles and wax art. The following small series introduces you to a real case of the successful transformation of traditional candle manufacturers like aromatherapy craft candles:
This is a candle manufacturer in Shanghai. In the early years, it produced traditional candle products, mainly for domestic sales and retail, and it was also a daily income. However, since China joined the WTO in 2002, the market competition has become increasingly fierce and its performance has fallen day by day. In fact, friends who know marketing will definitely say that this is not very normal. From the growth period to the maturity period, the enterprises at that time entered the recession. At this time, either transform new products or rush to leave. At first, the boss wanted to earn enough to go home to support the elderly for so many years, but he saw that his employees who had been with him for many years were unemployed and could not bear it, so they made up their minds to consider transformation. But to say that it is not so simple to transform. After many deliberations and no results, he found a new path!
It’s not a big deal to say that the new road is a scene that was met when traveling abroad: the boss’s children are studying abroad. On Christmas Eve, the boss couple flies to the United States to visit their daughter. When I saw a wax art shop on the shopping street, the boss went to the store for the curiosity of the peers. This can not be seen, the interior decoration and design is very refined, unlike ordinary traditional candles, these candles can also be scented with candles. The price is even more astounding. A look other than the color is no different from its own candle, but it can sell for thirty dollars! The equivalent of RMB is a hundred yuan candle! Is this also bought? The boss continued to consult the owner, only to know that this was the most popular Scented Candle in the United States. Many white-collar workers and industry elites spend money to buy such candles. Many hotels, restaurants, and wedding industry people buy in bulk to create a scene atmosphere, and restaurants that can order such candles at that time are almost always expensive! The owner of the candle factory, who has been working for many years, has discovered business opportunities with years of commercial smell: a scented candle that is not difficult to make is able to sell at a high price. Why can't we do it? To this end, the boss bought a variety of candles to return to the country to study, and finally developed a candle with the same smell, color, quality and exported to Europe and the United States, creating a new era of business!
From this case, it is not difficult to see that candles are more than just a daily necessities. More in other places! For the "new edition" of the candle industry, the overall development trend will be more life-oriented, which is the so-called ideal living state. However, as of 2013, the number of candle manufacturers engaged in mass production and professional production in the market is small and few, and our Shijiazhuang Huaming Candle Co., Ltd. is one of the few wholesalers with strong strength.
In fact, for people in developed countries, in fact, the previous introduction also mentioned that Europe and the United States for scented candles is already a common item in white-collar life, mostly used to observe and appreciate, change the home atmosphere, aromatherapy, create a fragrant incense, etc., and scented candles It is still a blank market in China. There are almost no competitors and the market potential is huge!
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