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Magic birthday candle

The candles burn for a long time, giving you plenty of time to make wishes, take pictures, and sing birthday songs. Colorful colors, fashion and simple thread design, make life more stylish and tasteful. The product is made of partial paraffin, which is flame-resistant, and the food contact position is made of PP material, which is safe and hygienic

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The fun just won't be put out when these Relighting Candles are part of the party!  Disguised as regular candles, these Relighting Candles insist on staying lit, relighting themselves each time you attempt to blow them out.  They come in an assortment of beautiful colors and include candle stands.  Keep the fire burning and surprise your guests by mixing them in with regular candles for an extra dose of fun and laughter.




Birthday CandleRelight birthday candles
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