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Party rain curtain

Name: Thickened laser rain curtain

Material: thickened laser PET

Color: Laser Gold, Laser Silver, Laser Rose Gold, Laser Light Pink, Laser Rose Red, Laser Red, Laser Green, Laser Blue, Laser Purple.  Laser light blue

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Product Description


-Sizes:1 x 1 meter

2 x 1 meter

3 x 1 meter

4 x 1 meter

-Package Includes:1 x Tinsel Curtain Foil Fringe Backdrop

-Weight: 1 meter wide and 2 meters high, a pack of about 85g

1 meter wide and 2.5 meters high, a pack of about 100g

1 meter wide and 3 meters high, a pack of about 120g


A decorative foil fringe that you can paste on the wall or door

Excellent backdrop which can add elegance to your style

Can create a fancy design to a particular event area




Party SuppliesTinsel Curtain Foil Fringe Backdrop
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