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Chrysanthemum music birthday candle

When you put a beautifully shaped chrysanthemum candle on the cake, light the incense stick and touch the chrysanthemum heart, and immediately spew out gorgeous fireworks, and automatically light the birthday candles, playing the beautiful melody of "Happy Birthday", and then the flower buds will automatically open, and eight full flowers The candlelight is like a blooming chrysanthemum, adding endless joy and warmth to the birthdays of relatives and friends, which is very novel.

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Product Description


1.  Beautiful appearance

2.  Ignite the flame

3.  Automatic flowering

4.  No pollution.

Instructions for use

1.  After taking the product out of the box, hold the torus and insert it vertically next to the cake.

2.  Light the middle part of the candle, that is, spray out colorful fireworks.  After the eight candles are automatically lit, the leaves will automatically open, and the music will automatically sound.

3.  After blooming, please blow out the flame before the candle burns out.  If you stop the music, please use small scissors to cut the small copper wire at the flame.




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