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Lotus flower birthday candle


 Material: Plastic + Paraffin

 Process: Semi-manual and semi-mechanical

 Candle types: Birthday candles, music candles

 Color: Pink

 Styling: Lotus

 Include: 1 x Birthday Candle

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Product Description


 1. Lotus cake candle- Lotus styling, lovely and beautiful

 2. Rotating music candles- Rotate while playing music, add atmospheres to the festival

 3. Easy to operate - Directly lit up the center of the candle; And if you want to stop music, just cut copper wire with scissors, the copper wire is at the top of the candle

 4. Multifunctional: Lightweight and beautiful, can be used as a candle or as a living room, bedroom or office decoration

 5. Use occasions: Birthday party, wedding, living room, bedroom or office decoration


Instructions for use

 1. Light the burning stick in the middle of the candle

 2. Sparks from the burning rod ignite small candles on the petals

 3. The candle petals slowly open and rotate automatically, and play a beautiful melody to wish you a happy birthday

 4. Use small scissors to cut the small copper wire at the fire place to stop the music.


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Birthday Candle
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