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Polka dot birthday candles

These cake candles fit many occasions such as birthday parties, weddings, corporate events, celebrations and proposals, etc., adding brilliance to your cakes.

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Product Description


High-quality threaded candles, with smooth surface, no impurities, exquisite workmanship and beautiful personality, are currently very popular on the market, with high appearance and good quality.

Using high-quality paraffin wax material, even if it drips on the cake, don't worry, it will not contaminate the cake, just remove the wax drop.

It is made with advanced technology to ensure that the tip of the candle is in good condition, without leaking the core and without waxing.

Use paraffin raw materials, colorful, can be fully burned, and have enough time to make wishes

Complete and independent packaging, so that the product is less damaged during transportation and arrives in your hands in good condition




Birthday Candle
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